How much does a website cost?
The cost of a website varies and depends on what your requirements are such as how many pages, contact forms, dynamic content such as news feeds and if to be a self content managed website with an admin area (CMS) but prices with AWS-Affordable Website Solutions start at 299 Euro for a basic business website.
Why do I need a website for my business?
Having an online presence is a must for your business as it is your business's first representive. It does not matter if your business is online, physical or both then the first port of call will be your business website to a potential customer.
I do not have an online business so do I need a website?
Yes. No matter if your business is online or not then for business NOT online then a "brochure" type website is recomended as an effective form of advertising as it gets your business idea and services out there with your contact details. This form of advertising is far more effective than the conventional newspaper advertising as it reaches a wider audience and potential clientele are actively seeking and searching for your services or product as opposed to a newspaper advert which is overlooked by the reader.
If I build it then will they come?
No as you need your website to be optimised for the search engines. Search Engine Optimisation is the art of being found amongst the millions of websites in the search engines for a given keyword or keyword phrase entered by a potential client looking for similar products or services to your business. Google is the number one search engine and AWS offer Search Engine Optimisation services, known as S.E.O., for new or existing websites so as to get you found in search engines such as Google.
I already have a business website but its not doing too well in search engines. Can AWS help?
Yes. We offer S.E.O. services to new or existing websites. Contact us today where we can provide you with case studies where we increased visitor activity to clients websites through our S.E.O. techniques used to gain first page results in search engines results pages, such as Google, for their main keywords and keyword phrases.
Can I manage my own website so as to add and subtract content at my ease?
Yes as we provide full CMS (Content Managed System) or partial CMS (depending on your needs) websites. We build custom, bespoke CMS database driven websites through our partners or we can provide you with template CMS websites
What is the advantage of custom built CMS over template content managed systems?
Their are pro's and con's to custom and template content managed systems or CMS as they are known. Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.) can be affected by the type you choose as can price. AWS will provide assistance to you in your decision by pointing out all the pro's and con's associated with both CMS type websites of which the ultimate decision will be yours and what is best for your business needs.
I want to sell products and services online. Can AWS help?
Yes as we provide custom eCommerce online shops or templated online shops of which for eCommerce the custom made is always the way to go but can be more expensive than a template eCommerce solution such as Oscommerce websites. See for details.
What other services do you provide?
Please see our "Services for your Business" link at top of page for all service details. We provide all online solutions such as online shops, database driven websites such as self maintained websites, web calendars, professional online contact forms, commision based sign up area, administration areas, receive payments online options and just about any type website your business will ever need. AWS, Affordable Website Solutions, can also provide websites built to W3C Disability Accessible Standards.
I have my own website with domain name registration and web hosting account so what can AWS do for me?
AWS can re-design your website so as your business will gain maximum benefit for your investment. A website is a business tool that like most technology today has a certain life span. As new techniues for S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimisation) come about then it is recomended to have a complete re-design of website every 3 years.
If I get a Re-Design of my existing website then how will this affect my Search Engine Optimisation?
AWS Re-Design websites with the up to date On-Site Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.) techniques. There are two factors that affect your S.E.O. and these are On-Site and Off-Site. Off-Site is your website ranking and links to and from other websites. On-Site factors are your content, text, alt tags and meta tags etc. We provide a glossary of terms on this website should you wish to know what these terms such as met tags mean.
My website is doing well in Google so why would I need a Re-Design of my website or your S.E.O services?
Its always good news to hear that business websites are doing well in Google but the question you should ask is could they do better? or.. Am I receiving a good R.O.I. (return of investment) for my business website? AWS services can help you with both.
Do you provide domain name registrations and/or website hosting services for new business websites?
No but our partner companies can provide both hosting of your new website at competitive prices and also third part domain name registrations and also advice on same. Please see our "Partners" page, link to view at bottom of page.

Web Design and Website Development Frequently Asked Questions

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